Gartner Supply Chain Executive Report:

Future of Supply Chain – Crisis Shapes the Profession

What does the future hold for chief supply chain officers?

COVID-19 disrupted supply chains and boosted their advancement in a rapidly changing world. This report highlights for chief supply chain officers the roles of resilience and agility, the rise of purpose-driven organizations and the acceleration of digitalization to enable future supply chains.

Key Findings

  • Supply chains will be required to operate in a portfolio of operating models that are designed at the onset to reduce corporate risk and deliver segmented customer service at the most optimal cost.
  • Organizations are becoming increasingly purpose-driven, requiring supply chains to reevaluate goals and decision making to consider more than just “what we make,” but also “how we make it” and “who it impacts.”
  • Supply chains of tomorrow will be guided by the greater purpose of their top leadership, with a focus on relationships, leadership and an expanded definition of business success.
  • Digitalization is the key enabler of business opportunities over the next decade, requiring a multiyear, integrated digital supply chain strategy and roadmap.
  • Over the next 10 years, hyperautomation will support the creation of an autonomous supply chain that will augment — but not replace — human activity.

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Gartner, Supply Chain Executive Report: Future of Supply Chain — Crisis Shapes the Profession, Supply Chain Community Contributors, 30 December 2020

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