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Continuous Network Flow Optimization (CNFO)

Remove latency in decision-making with Continuous Network Flow Optimization (CNFO). GAINS’ latest supply chain solution speeds the decision-making process to provide a competitive advantage by harnessing supply chain velocity with continuous, iterative, and actionable insights.

Breakthrough Technology Collapses Time to Plan Horizons into One Continuous Improvement Loop

  • Real-time sensing/adjusting of supply chain networks
  • Iterative improvements to recognize value today, identifying long and short-term enhancements
  • Harness variability using agility to reveal opportunities
  • Immediate, action-driven results, no waiting months for results
  • Optimize cost/service tradeoffs with real-time insights
CNFO dashboard

CNFO uses a single canonical data model and digital twin technology to collapse decision-making timeframes.

Harness variability planning variability

According to Art Mesher, supply chain visionary and former Gartner analyst, “Businesses that can reconfigure their supply chain networks, and execute and react successfully to changing times have a competitive advantage.”

The speed of change is no longer something to fear: instead, it’s an opportunity to react faster than your competition and gain market share. Change is the only constant in today’s supply chain. To maintain an advantage over your competitors, you need rapid decision-making that anticipates and adapts to rapidly changing environments.

Traditional Approaches Can't Keep Pace

Spreadsheets and other more traditional methods cannot match the pace of a modern supply chain. They take months or years to complete. By the time the redesign has been completed, the environment around it has changed so dramatically that the results are obsolete and entirely ill-prepared for the issues it was designed to address.

Listening Leads to Innovation

We heard our customers share their struggles and frustrations with obsolete approaches and delayed results. The GAINS Lab data scientists developed an entirely new approach that continually fuels our customers’ everyday decisions. The solution’s design follows GAINS’ guiding principles of delivering measurable results in weeks, not months, that make a difference for enterprises and

CNFO uses a single canonical data model and digital twin technology to collapse decision-making timeframes to bring about unequaled speed. Our solution’s approach:

  • Uses current data that reflect today’s business and economic environment
  • Discovers continual, relevant, and actionable results
  • Puts insights immediately into action
  • Created unparalleled time to value

GAINS developed the solution to continually sense and immediately reconfigure your supply chain to optimize performance and model alternatives. CNFO gathers data and optimizes your network in real-time, transforming the supply chain using an easy-to-use, agile process.

“The speed at which we have been able to pivot our planning and strategies with GAINS in a volatile market has been remarkable. We are excited about the announcement of GAINS Continuous Network Flow Optimization as we work as partners to continue to become more resilient, better serve our customers, and optimize the supply chain,”

Tony Serati
Vice President of Procurement
Border States

CNFO helps businesses quickly uncover the answers to their most complex questions, including:

  • How do we rebalance our inventory policies based on real-time changes in supply and demand?
  • How can we continually configure our supply chain to boost profitability?
  • Where should we source new products today?
  • How much inventory is needed; where should it be?
  • What are our options when things change? Can we take immediate action?
  • How do we continuously balance cost-to-serve with profitability?