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Barco Uniforms increases efficiency and service levels with GAINS.

Vice President of Global Supply Chain Planning for Barco Uniforms Fan Chen on how she and her team were able to rely on GAINS Demand Planning and forecasting solution to raise their order fill rates by 10-20% in just two years! Barco Uniforms was able to save their supply chain planners time and build in efficiency in their operations through automation, freeing planners up for more critical tasks.  Learn more about their digital supply chain transformation. 

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Industry Sector: Apparel, Manufacturing, Retail

Headquartered: Gardena, CA, USA


Revenue Range: $50M-$150M


Hi, I’m Fan Chen. I’m from Barco Uniforms. I am the VP of Global Supply Chain Planning and Business Intelligence. We make scrubs for the healthcare professions. We also sell through Amazon. So, you know, some of our FBAs are our biggest accounts. So we have been partnering with GAINS very, very closely on the demand forecasting piece. Now that we have, you know, letting GAINS to plan naturally without doing a lot of adjustments, because we have found that is GAINS is actually more accurate than we are. So the less touching we do, the more accurate the forecast, and that allows our planners to focus on, you know, more important stuff. We are no longer managing, you know, all 15,000 SKUs. We’re exception based, and we have seen our service improvement, lowering our inventory as well as limited back orders. You know, we thought we were smarter than, you know, a machine.

We thought we knew our business better. But it turns out, you know, GAINS with the technology, with the, you know, history, it can do a lot more than, you know, human power. 95% of the times we don’t touch what GAINS does. At the lowest point of pandemic, I wanna say our fill rate was in the low eighties, maybe high seventies. And over the last, you know, two years we were a were able to improve that to high nineties, which is a, you know, amazing achievement. And, you know, that’s again with, you know, the partnership with GAINS because we’re not just, you know, blindly taking any feedback from sales or marketing. They all want to, you know, have more inventory than, than we need to. But as a business, you know, we need to plan our business responsibility. And using GAINS data to guide us is very helpful.